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I'm working with CALS tables which has multiple colspec elements with tgroup element as a parent. In xpath 2.0 the following works:

colspec/substring-before( @colwidth , '*' )

In xpath 1.0 it complains: Unexpected token - "substring-before( @colwid"

There has to be a way to accomplish this. I need to sum the number values before the asterisk so that I can convert the relative column widths to percentages. At this point in the day I can't even think of an inelegant solution.

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In xpath 1.0 it complains: Unexpected token - "substring-before( @colwid"

That's because right term of / step operator can't be a function call in XPath 1.0 (This is a feature of XPath 2.0!).

You have to develop a recursive template.

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substring-before(colspec/@colwidth, '*') will work in XSLT/XPATH 1.0, but as @Alehandro points out, it would require a recursive template in order to calculate the sum of those values. –  Mads Hansen Nov 10 '10 at 2:59
@Mads Hansen: Thanks for correction. –  user357812 Nov 10 '10 at 13:17

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