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Is there a tool out there (preferably web-based) which would automatically detect commits to a BitBucket repository, and at that time, copy all files in the repository to a web-server via FTP?

I basically want a quick and painless way (if one exists) to set up continuous integration between my BitBucket repository and my website.

No build/compilation step would be necessary, since these are only front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript) files.

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The changegroup hook is the way to do this. See Hooks for info about what to do with it.

I've used changegroup hooks on my own hg repositories, but not in BitBucket; it's possible that the BitBucket servers are restricted in what you can do, I'm not sure. I do know a wget/curl attempt to rebuild a manual upon my server upon updating its contents in a repository on SourceForge failed for me because they've locked up their servers too tightly (sending an email from the hook would work but not http access). I would expect BitBucket to be set up better; a quick search for "bitbucket changegroup hook" doesn't seem to indicate that there are any problems with it. Try it and see!

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