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What is the different with

<images src="http://localhost:3000/images/logo_general.png">


<%= image_tag("logo_general.png") %>

Why am I having problems loading images using the first way?

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Probably because the correct tag to use is


And not

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lol.tq so much. – maria Nov 10 '10 at 0:51
If the answer helped, press the tick on the left hand side of the answer :) – Gareth Nov 10 '10 at 0:53

There are several differences:

  1. The image_tag generates the HTML <img> tag, not <images>
  2. The source path is based on your asset host and asset path, so images don't break if they change. The default is relative to root, e.g. /images/
  3. image_tag gives you an alt attribute for proper accessibility.
  4. In development mode, it adds a random number to the image as a convenience to prevent the browser from using a cached image in case you change it.
  5. image_tag properly closes the tag. with />.

You can try it out in the Rails Console.

=> <img alt="Logo_general" src="/images/logo_general.png?1230601161" />
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