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How can one identify whether some code (a serv-let or a simple class) is running on Google App Engine run-time (Java) so that one can decide whether to utilize app engine's specific libraries or not? Is there some reliable runtime enviroment ID for that?

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You can check the property:

String appEngineVersion = System.getProperty("");

If it's set, it's App Engine.

But I would consider using separate build targets instead, to avoid the runtime overhead.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. I have 2 separate implementation subclasses for the 2 cases and they are quite small (200 lines in code size in total of both) to need separate builds I suppose. – nsegae Nov 10 '10 at 2:57

As @Matthew Flaschen said, there are system properties that you can check to determine if GAE is present or not. This link gives the details.

If you go down this route, your application needs to be built so that the main code has no static dependencies on the GAE classes; i.e. no imports or other references to GAE packages and classes in the code (apart GAE class names, etc in String literals). All dependencies have to be isolated to code that gets loaded using Class.forName(String) AFTER you've determined whether or not GAE is present.

This represents a non-trivial overhead:

  • You'll probably end up with an extra Adapter interface and (at least) two implementations for the GAE and non-GAE cases.
  • You've got the (minor) runtime overheads of dynamically loading the relevant class at startup, and calling through the Adapter interface.
  • Your JAR file is that much bigger as a result.
  • You now have to test on two platforms.

On the other hand, you do have the potential advantage of having one JAR that works in both GAE and non-GAE contexts.

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similar to what @Reza wrote, but a bit cleaner:

use SystemProperty.environment.value() to get "Production" when running on App Engine, and "Development" when running in the development server.

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As explained here you can check the following property:

String environment = System.getProperty(

environment is "Production" when running on App Engine, and "Development" when running in the development server.

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There is another way to do this as well. This is explained well in gaevfs's documentation on how to write Portable Code:

Of interest to you is the following line:

boolean isGoogleAppEngine = getServletContext().getServerInfo().contains( "Google" );
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I saw no type-safe solution here so here it is:

if (SystemProperty.environment.value() == SystemProperty.Environment.Value.Production) {
    // The app is running on App Engine...
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