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I want to perform an SQL update

UPDATE  incCustomer SET etaxCode = 'HST' WHERE 

only on records where this is true.

select  etaxCode
from  incCustomer
left join incAddress on incCustomer.iAddressId = incAddress.iId
left join incProvince on incAddress.iProvinceStateId = incProvince.iId
where incAddress.iProvinceStateId in (     2  ,     3   ,      4   ,    6   ,   9 )

I don't think that this is possible with ANSI SQL, but can it be done in MySQL?

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MySQL UPDATE syntax supports joins in both ANSI-89 and ANSI-92 syntax.


LEFT JOIN INCADDRESS a ON a.iid = c.iaddressid
LEFT JOIN INCPROVINCE p ON p.iid = a.iprovincestateid
      SET c.etaxcode = 'HST'
    WHERE a.iProvinceStateId IN (2,3,4,6,9)

I don't see the point of LEFT JOINing to the province table - I think your UPDATE could be written as:

      SET c.etaxcode = 'HST'
                   FROM INCADDRESS a
                  WHERE a.iid = INCCUSTOMER.iaddressid
                    AND a.iProvinceStateId IN (2,3,4,6,9))
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Though I should point out that OUTER joins in ANSI-89 require vendor specific syntax, and I don't know that MySQL ever had such syntax. – OMG Ponies Nov 10 '10 at 3:33
thank you, that works! – hank williams Nov 10 '10 at 4:46

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