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I'm trying to migrate our reporting from Crystal report to MS Reporting Service. In the Crystal Report report designer, I can organize sections of the report, including inserting sections, adding suppress conditions. Please kindly advise how can I achieve those in MS Business Intelligence Studio (built in Visual Studio 2008).

Thank you!

BRs, William Choi

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To organize sections, take a look at Subreports. You can add several elements to a subreport, and then add the subreport to the main report. Then you can set the visibility of the whole subreport in an expression.

MSDN: SSRS Subreports

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Uggghh. Avoid subreports wherever possible - try looking at eg. inserting groups and formatting group headers/footers in table objects, instead. –  Mark Bannister Nov 10 '10 at 11:35
From the sound of that groan, I think I misunderstood the idea of what a section is in Crystal reports. If you are working in a table/matrix, then the suggestion of using groups and headers/footers is a good one. –  Fillet Nov 10 '10 at 13:58

in ssrs you can add new expressions for controlling of the report behaviors. for example you can write an expression for controlling of a textbox visibility.

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Thanks Ramezani, how about adding sections/headers? further, regarding using expression to control the visibility, how can I conditionally switch the rectangle to be displayed in the same region of the report? –  William Choi Nov 10 '10 at 6:20
do you want add header and footer dynamically? please give me more info. –  masoud ramezani Nov 10 '10 at 13:57

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