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So suppose I have a table named categories...it contains...well...categories

table categories contain fields 'id', 'name' and 'parentID'

Table Categories:
id    name     parentID
1    cat1      null
2    cat2      null
3    cat3      null

Further it also contains subcategories that are children categories of the categories above. So:

Table Categories:

id    name     parentID
1    cat1      null
2    cat2      null
3    cat3      null
4    cat4      1
5    cat5      1
6    cat6      2
7    cat7      2
8    cat8      3
9    cat9      3

And suppose we have items that belongs to categories.....so we have the table item:

id name catID
1  boo   9
2  kya   8
3  muwa  6
4  haha  7

and I want to count the number of items that belongs to a certain category including its subcategories. So if I wanna count items that belong to cat3, it should return 2 items since boo and kyaa belong to category 9 and 8 which in turn are subcategories of cat3...

what mysql query would you recommend me execute to go about implementing this?

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The article explains how to retrieve categories trees, but how can you apply that to the OP's question? –  jordanbtucker Nov 10 '10 at 4:51
@Jordan: COUNT(*) –  stillstanding Nov 10 '10 at 4:54
I was hoping for an actual example that demonstrates how to find the number of "items" that belong to a category and its subcategories. –  jordanbtucker Nov 10 '10 at 4:59

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