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I'm trying to build a couchdb view using couchdb-lucene to query on keywords. I want lucene to index them without any processing.

I'm using "index": "not_analyzed" option, but it is still not doing as I expected.

When I query of /works/OL1000010W, couchdb-lucene is converting it into lowercase and stripping the first / character.

$ curl -s ''
    "rows": [], 
    "total_rows": 0, 
    "skip": 0, 
    "search_duration": 1, 
    "q": "seed:works/ol1000010w", 
    "fetch_duration": 0, 
    "etag": "11e4be5bdb5c1598", 
    "limit": 1

Is there any way to make couchdb-lucene index it without processing and stop couchdb-lucene from processing the query?

Here is my design document: https://gist.github.com/670374

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Found that this is due a bug in couchdb-lucene.


And workaround is to write the view like this:

    "analyzer": "keyword",
    "index": "function(doc) {...}"
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