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I have a little problem. I know that its possible to configure sub domains on my local Machine using host file settings and creating new WEBSITE within iis 7. Let's say I have an IIS web site. And within it I have another web application defined as application folder not just as a virtual folder (which runs it under same process).

Basically I can access my apps like


i want it to be

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Looks like there is an answer at Server Fault.

Basically, create two web sites and set the host header on each to app*.mydomain.com.

But you could also use the IIS7 URL Rewriting Module, and there is an example of use, again at Server Fault

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Create new websites with that hostheader and set the directory to that on the local file system of http://mydomain.com/app1



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thanks dude but i really want to have only one Website containing may web application. I have tried what your proposing and its works but thats not my option for now –  lafama Nov 10 '10 at 7:42
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Please refer to my other question for the answer to this question. Sorry for the repetition

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