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I'm using an external token service to validate my users and they then get redirected to the portal (portal url + some get parameters). NOTE: this service is in no other way connected to my portal, and it isn't amongst the supported SSO list of liferay.

Now since I (have to) use this external method for this I also have to set a default password. However I've yet to find how to force an autologin (whether through a hooking system or plain classes/filters doesn't really matter to me).

The liferay wiki is quite scarce on information and posting a question just results in "look at class x" which really doesn't help me at all..

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What is the maven part of this question? Are you sure it's going to attract the right people with the current tag? – Pascal Thivent Nov 10 '10 at 8:05
For some reason new question openened an old question including text and tags, I forgot to change the tags. Thank you for pointing that out. – jack Nov 10 '10 at 8:21
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You almost answer it youself: You need to implement interface, put the JAR with implementation to classpath and add classname to the under auto.login.hooks key.

Be very carefull as this security stuff is always very risky and it's easy to open a new security hole.

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