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As you know there is a generic class List in .NET framework. I want to write a generic class List in C++ and i want to store pointers to a type in my list. this is header and source code of class and test program :

// header
template <class Type>
class List
   List(int size);  // constructor
    . // other public members
   Type **list; // a dynamic array of pointer to Type
    . // other private members 

// source code 
template <class Type> List<Type>::List(int size) // constructor
   this->list = new Type[size];
    . // other parts of definition

// main function
void main()
    List<AnyType> mylist = new List<AnyType>(4);
    mylist[0] = new AnyType( // any arguments);

it does not work propertly. where is problem ? is it possible to use this class for Structs ?

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It should be. However you need to tell us what you're expecting and what is happening –  Preet Sangha Nov 10 '10 at 8:25
No, "a dynamic array of pointer to Type" would be std::vector<Type *>. –  avakar Nov 10 '10 at 8:26

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this->list = new Type[size]; should be this->list = new Type*[size];

Edit: did it actually compile? The assignment should at least generate a warning.

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I recieve an Error –  Hesam Qodsi Nov 10 '10 at 8:37
@Hesam Well, then the question should be "what is wrong with this code", but "what does this error mean" :) –  Let_Me_Be Nov 10 '10 at 8:39

I see at least two problems:

  • If you want to allocate an array of pointers to Type objects you have to substitute new Type[size]; with new Type*[size];
  • To use this syntax mylist[0] = new AnyType(/* ... */) you have to overload operator[] in your class

In general, C++ has a quite nice Standard Template Library that already contains implemenentations of generic lists ( std::list ) and arrays ( std::vector ). See for instance this reference

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new Type[size];


new Type*[size];

You want an array of pointers not an array of Type

Also what's wrong with std::vector<Type*>?

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What is wrong with std::vector< std::vector< Type > >? :P –  BЈовић Nov 10 '10 at 9:12

myList is not an array, it contains an array. So either the type needs to have [] type operators (not sure if that's possible in C++) or a method that allows you to set the this->list[n] = some thing.

Simillar to this:

template <class Type> List<Type>::SetItem(int itemNumber, Type theItem ) 
   this->list[itemNum] = theItem;

and then call

myList.SetItem(0, new AnyType(...));
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But i want to store a pointer to Type in mylist. –  Hesam Qodsi Nov 10 '10 at 8:46

There are several problems in your code :

  • The line this->list = new Type[size]; allocates an array of Type, not an array of Type * : you might want to change this to new Type*[size]
  • The code List<AnyType> mylist = new List<AnyType>(4); will not compile. Either use List<AnyType> mylist(4); or List<AnyType> *mylist = new List<AnyType>(4); (which would require an additional delete before exiting the program)
  • I see you separated the implementation in a source file : I recommend you read this item

I'm skipping on the usual 'why would anyone develop his own list ?' and 'it looks more like a vector than like a list ?'.

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