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I have two windows servers X and Y.

And I have SQL Server database on Y. X doesn't have SQL Server Management Studio on it. How can I access Database on Y from X without using (installing) SQL Server on X.

Thanks for your help

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Use Management Studio Express?

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You can use a tool like SQuirrel SQL (free) or Aqua Data Studio.

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You need to install SQL Server Client tools on X. From the installation kit choose only Client conectivity tools. It is impossible to access a SQL server from a non SQL server without having at least the Client tools installed on the non-SQL server. You will be able to connect after installing either from SQL management studio or sqlcmd (cmd-line)

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You can use to access your SQL server from web.

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You can use the SQL Server Management Studio of Database Y to connect to Database X. When you are asked to connect to a Database via the "Connect to Server", change the Server Name to Database X. Enter your credentials and this will connect to the SQL Server on Database X.

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