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I'm using the jWYSIWYG editor for jQuery. It does some funky stuff with the HTML on newlines, inserting a <br> and then a <div> after a user hits Return twice.

Thus content that a user enters in a textarea to look like this:



Will actually appear like this upon submission:


Not what I, nor they, want. I've come up with a quick hack that seems to create more problems than it solves.

$body = str_replace("<br><br>", '<br>', $body);

$body = str_replace("<br>", '<br><br>', $body);

But this will break if a user wanted just one <br> or if they have three <br> tags.

Is there any clean and efficient way to have the user get the output they want?

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Have you looked at the rmUnwantedBr option ? it might be related to your issue. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli Nov 10 '10 at 11:14
perhaps it could be better to ask the developers this question? – Kennethvr Nov 10 '10 at 15:09
@Kennethvr, First, they've moved to GitHub: Second, yes, it would be better. And I have: But this issue has been open for 5+ months and I'm going to have to find a solution on my own. – Josh Smith Nov 11 '10 at 1:12
@Gaby, I looked into it, and it seems the code is commented to refer to this issue:, which doesn't look entirely related to my problem. The real problem seems to be the addition of the extra <div> tags as noted in my comment above. – Josh Smith Nov 11 '10 at 1:15

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I am using php to "fix" ckeditor in the same way. Regular expressions will work better for you instead of trying to match two, three, four < br>'s manually.

$body = preg_replace("!(<br ?/?>)+!i", '<br>', $body);

$body = str_replace("<br>", '<br /><br />', $body);

This regular expression will match all these:

<br> <Br> <br /> <bR /> , etc.

The beginning and ending "!" just indicate the start and end of the regular expression matching string, and the "i" lets it be case-insensitive incase someone types < BR>.

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