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I am working on the csv generation. I am seperating values which are seperated by comma(,). If the value in a field contains comma, then it should not seperate the field in excel. So I want to put a escape character there. I am using FasterCsv. So how I can put a escape character. What is the escape character of fastercsv?

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Just quote every field (doublequotes by default) and commas inside of them are ignored:

CSV.generate(:col_sep=>',', :quote_char => '"') do |row|
    row << ["Quid, quid", "latinum dictum"]
    row << ["sit, altum", "viditur."]
=> "\"Quid, quid\",latinum dictum\n\"sit, altum\",viditur.\n"
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If you have commas in your data, set a different column seperator with the :col_sep option. If you like your commas and can not live without them, set the data within quotation marks.

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tab-separated values are a common alternate to comma-separated. –  the Tin Man Nov 10 '10 at 14:51

If you use the FasterCSV methods, this will be handled for you automatically!

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