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I've got the following text box in my Silverlight app:

<TextBox Text="{Binding Model.PercentOfSale, Mode=TwoWay, StringFormat=p}"/>

where PercentOfSale is defined as a double.

The display in the text box is as expected:

0.00 %

However, when I enter a new value (say 15) I get:

1,500.00 %

So the value is being multiplied up by 100 (incorrectly).

My users aren't going to want to enter 0.15 as the value, so what do I need to do to get it to accept 15 as 15% and not 1,500%?

I've seen other questions here like

How to set WPF string format as percent wihout multiplying by 100?
Format decimal for percentage values?

But the solutions given don't work for me.

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Maybe you should divide your user inputs by 100 instead. Storing 15% as 0.15 has many benefits. And msdn is clear about the value being multiplied by 100, so it doesn't look incorrect to me. – Nicolas Repiquet Nov 10 '10 at 11:46
@Nicolas - I guess I was expecting a value I entered to be divided by 100 for me, but maybe I'm being naive. – ChrisF Nov 10 '10 at 11:51

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What about using Converters?
If you don't want to change input values than you can convert then.
Here is example of converters usage.

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I am thinking of a converter, but I was expecting this to happen "automatically" as I've specified a formatter. – ChrisF Nov 10 '10 at 11:58

I ended up changing the Property's setter so that it modified the value:

private decimal percentOfSale;
public decimal PercentOfSale
        return percentOfSale;
        percentOfSale = value / 100;

So my XAML becomes:

<TextBox Text="{Binding PercentOfSale, Mode=TwoWay, StringFormat=p}"/>

and when I load my model I have:

this.percentOfSale = Model.PercentOfSale;

note the lower case "p" - this avoids the scaling on the initial setup so that the StringFormat in the binding works correctly and when the value is set from the UI it also scales.

Then when I want to save the data I have:

Model.PercentOfSale = this.percentOfSale;

I actually found that the percentages were being stored as values from 0 to 100 (not 0 to 1) - it's not my data model & I should have checked first, so this mean I need to scale the value on initial setup:

this.PercentOfSale = Model.PercentOfSale;

Note the upper case "P".

and on saving:

Model.PercentOfSale = this.percentOfSale * 100;

to bring it back into line with the data as stored in the database.

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