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Is it possible to put a ceiling on the amount of CPU a certain database or preferably a certain user, or group of users can use?

I have one app on a server that is maxing out the CPU due to complex queries that are being created at runtime. Until the specific module in that application is redeveloped (which could take months) i need to find a way to stop that specific application from choking SQL Server and reducing availability for other apps on the same server.

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Do you look at Resource Governor? It makes possible to devde the resources between the group of users.

This is only example and for full information you need to look at documentation:

  • Create the pools:

    create resource pool Pool1
     with (
       min_cpu_percent = 30
      , max_cpu_percent = 100
    create resource pool Pool2
     with (
      min_cpu_percent = 50
     , max_cpu_percent = 70
    create resource pool Pool3
     with (
     min_cpu_percent = 5
     , max_cpu_percent = 100  
  • Create the workload groups and link them to pools:

    create workload group Group1
    using Pool1
    create workload group Group2
    using Pool2
    create workload group Group3
    using Pool3
  • Create the function which will be make decision which workload group will be used for current session:

    create function dbo.rg_class_simple() returns sysname
       with schemabinding 
     as begin
       @grp_name as sysname
      if (suser_name() = 'user1')
         set @grp_name = 'Group1'
      else if (suser_name() = 'user2')
         set @grp_name = 'Group2'
      else if (suser_name() = 'user3')      
         set @grp_name = 'Group3'
     return @grp_name
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Worth noting that Resource Governor is only available on Enterprise edition. – Craig Feb 27 '12 at 11:04

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