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How can i localize the image which I have downloaded from website?

I know how to localize image in the resources through IDE. But I don't know how to localize the image which is downloaded from the website.

Is there any way to localize the downloaded image?

Many Thanks

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If you're d/ling images from the web, cache them in the Caches or Documents folder with a localized name.

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Thanks very much. This approach is great:For example: UIImage img = [UIImage imageNamed:NSLocalizedString (@"logo_en.png", @"Logo Image")]; This way, it will default to using logo_en.png, but different language files can use other logos if you have them. For example, you can change the French file to have: / Logo Image */ "logo_en.png" = "logo_fr.png"; ...but the Japanese file could simply default to the English logo (for example, if you didn't have a Japanese-specific logo). –  user503219 Nov 11 '10 at 6:52

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