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I am currently doing a system on Google App Engine and am very new to it, I am developing using the Java plattform . I have a problem about sending the session object between servlets. I have already enabled sessions on the appengine.webxml. I can send the session object from my login page to a VIEW page but after which the session object cannot be passed any longer.

Any possible answers?

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You should include an example how you are working with the session. – pjesi Nov 11 '10 at 9:52
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You do not need to "pass" a session object from one Servlet to another. The session object can always be retrieved via the HttpServletRequest e.g. like this HttpSession session = request.getSession();. In JSPs (I guess that's your view technology) you can access the session via the implicit variable session.

To make sure your session doesn't expire to early set an appropriate value for <session-timeout/> in your web.xml.

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