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now i have three tables ok?

  1. catgories | cat_id
  2. areas | area_id
  3. ads | cat_id - area_id

now i want get the the areas under the catgories with contain the ads this mean - catgorty -- area contant catgorty ads example i have cars as a catgory and egypt as area and a car for sale as ads now i want show the areas under the catgories which contain ads this mean i have egypt usa canda and one ads in egypt now i want show it like cars -- egypt and if i have one more ad in the usa it appear cars --egypt --usa this mean give me the areas with contain ads under that catgory

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You really need to clarify your question, I just can't make any sense out of it right now... –  Thomas Nov 10 '10 at 13:23
@moustafa now i want open stackoverflow answer some questions now see the complex mysql query this mean i have chance answer open see this *hit put cmment now tell me Do you know what Grammar means? Try spellchecker before posting a question! –  St.Woland Nov 10 '10 at 13:44

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You are looking for GROUP BY:

SELECT cat_id, group_concat(area_id) from ads group by cat_id;

Assuming *cat_id* is the actual value (cars) and not an auto_increment. If so, use INNER JOIN.

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countries with adds:

  FROM areas
 WHERE area_id in (SELECT area_id FROM ads) 

countries with adds for cars:

  FROM areas
 WHERE area_id in (
    SELECT ads.area_id
      FROM ads,categories
     WHERE ads.cat_id = categories.cat_id
       AND categories.cat_name = 'cars') 

is that what you meant?

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