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How can I read an existing text file and modify some of its value based on some condition like if I get some text like

Apple 1 3 5

Now, here whenever I get an integer value I have to increase its count by 1 and save back to the same file again.

For example, if I read some content like above I should be able to save

Apple 2 4 6

back to the same file again

My code looks like

try{ FileWriter fstream = new FileWriter("c:\Apple.txt",true);

        FileReader inputFileReader   = new FileReader("c:\\Apple.txt");
        BufferedReader inputStream   = new BufferedReader(inputFileReader);
        PrintWriter    outputStream  = new PrintWriter(fstream);


            Integer l = Integer.parseInt(values[2])+1;




So, I get an output like

Apple 1 3 5 Apple 1 4 5

But my required output is

Apple 1 4 5

Thanks in advace

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Have you writen any code yourself? Show where you are stuck and we can help – JoseK Nov 10 '10 at 13:21
delete your comments and append your code to the question – Sean Patrick Floyd Nov 10 '10 at 14:42
@Jose K I have updated my question – Ankita Nov 10 '10 at 15:03
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You can't do it interactively on the same file (or at least maybe you can but it would be really tricky).. you could

  • open the input file
  • open the output file
  • for each line in file
    • check your condition, if true
      • generate the new line according to what you are going to modify
      • save it on output file
    • if false
      • copy the line into new file without modifying it
  • close both files
  • delete first one and rename second one to first (you can do it easily with API functions)
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Split your code into separate method calls:

File f = getFile();
String text = getFileContents(f);
    String newText = performReplacements(text);
    writeFile(newText, f);

Now you can implement these methods:

private static void writeFile(String newText, File f){
    // TODO implement this method

private static String performReplacements(String text){
    // TODO implement this method
    return null;

private static boolean matchesRequirements(String text){
    // TODO implement this method
    return false;

private static String getFileContents(File f){
    // TODO implement this method
    return null;

private static File getFile(){
    // TODO implement this method
    return null;

See how far you get and ask specific questions where you have problems.

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I used RandomAccessFile and it works fine.

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