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I have to print Java code that some times reaches 300 columns (characters per line) in A3 paper and whatever editor I use (e.g. textmate) wraps the lines in order to fit in A4 paper.

Any suggestions?

cheers, Asterios

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Your editor undoubtably has either a Page Setup dialog or a Preferences dialogue as part of the Print Dialogue which will allow you to set the Paper Size to use for printing.

Even Notepad supports this

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Yes, finally textmate does have a dialog. Hoever, I have used enscript as it can be used in a script to print a lot of code if needed. – Asterios Nov 12 '10 at 10:37
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I finally made it to print using enscript. Here is the command I used to print Java code into PDF (and the used the pdf to print).

enscript -r -Ejava -M A3 -C -f "Courier8" input.java -o - |  ps2pdf - output.pdf


  • -r prints in landscape mode
  • -C prints the line numbers
  • -f changes the font and size
  • -M sets the output media to A3 (default is A4)
  • -Ejava adds syntax highlighting (you can also use --color if you need colors in syntax highlighting but they are not nicely printed in greyscale)
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It seems unlikely that every editor tries to format for A4. Which other editors have you tried? Does textmate not have a page size option? (Hmm... seems not)

Try a different editor that does let you set page size. Word, even.

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