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With PHP, how can I test that an uploaded file is a valid gif, jpg, or png image?

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You can also use exif_imagetype

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From the manual: "When a correct signature is found, the appropriate constant value will be returned otherwise the return value is FALSE. The return value is the same value that getimagesize() returns in index 2 but exif_imagetype() is much faster." I like this because it's faster, and it doesn't throw an ERROR (like getimagesize() does) when it's not an image, just returns FALSE. – user151841 Nov 10 '10 at 14:35

getimagesize() will parse the file header for "magic bytes" identifying the format. Apart from loading the file into GD and re-saving it, this is the most reliable way of making sure a file is an image.

A number of formats is supported, including BMP, TIFF and PSD.

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If you have GD correctly set up, supporting the right formats, this should do it.

$info = getimagesize("file");
echo $info["mime"];
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you're right, my bad :) – torkildr Nov 10 '10 at 14:31

Take a look at mime_content_type


Never mind, that function has been depreciated. Use finfo_open

$finfo = new finfo(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);

echo $finfo->file('images/file.png'); // image/png
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