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I know there is a attribute called "update", I can use it like this, update="another component's id", but this doesn't work when they are in different <h:form> tags.

For example, the code like this,

    <ui:define name="">



            <p:panel header="">
                <h:panelGrid id="display">



            <p:dialog id="dialog">
                <p:dataTable onRowSelectUpdate="aa.bb.display"></p:dataTable>




I mean, how can I write in the site of "aa.bb.display", it will re-render the panelGrid of "display" ?

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You should give an id to the <h:form>. It is important, since you HAVE TO reference like formId:display

My question on this: Absolute reRendering using RichFaces, check my answer. I tested this also in PrimeFaces.

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Thank you. It works. –  Keating Wang Nov 10 '10 at 23:40

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