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In Python, how do you get the position of an item in a list (using list.index) using fuzzy matching?

For example, how do I get the indexes of all fruit of the form *berry in the following list?

fruit_list = ['raspberry', 'apple', 'strawberry']
# Is it possible to do something like the following?
berry_fruit_at_positions = fruit_list.index('*berry') 

Anyone have any ideas?

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That's not a regular expression. –  delnan Nov 10 '10 at 15:28
Regular expressions aren't fuzzy, either. Just the opposite, actually: they're very strict and precise. –  Glenn Maynard Nov 10 '10 at 16:02

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fruit_list = ['raspberry', 'apple', 'strawberry']
[ i for i, word in enumerate(fruit_list) if word.endswith('berry') ]


[0, 2]

Replace endswith with a different logic according to your matching needs.

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With regular expressions:

import re
fruit_list = ['raspberry', 'apple', 'strawberry']
berry_idx = [i for i, item in enumerate(fruit_list) if re.search('berry$', item)]

And without regular expressions:

fruit_list = ['raspberry', 'apple', 'strawberry']
berry_idx = [i for i, item in enumerate(fruit_list) if item.endswith('berry')]
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