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I've seen some example of using a Pixel Bender for mixing two tracks together (per shader passes).

However, would it be technically possible to write a Pixel Bender kernel that could do this?

  • Filter LP / HP / BP (with Cutoff and Resonance parameters);
  • Delays (with milliseconds timing and feedback parameters);
  • Reverb (with Room size, Reverb length, Stereo Width parameters);
  • Synthesizers (Square, Saw, Sine, Noise, custom waveshapes);
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I use Ableton Live every once in a while, so it would be really cool to have some sort of Flash library / plugin that can do a lot of these common sound effects and generation. –  bigp Nov 10 '10 at 15:33
Hmm, I think I may have just found what I was looking for! SiON seems to do it all: sites.google.com/site/sioncenter/specifications It even sequences! But it would be interesting to know if it uses some kernel internally to process the audio. –  bigp Nov 10 '10 at 18:54

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Have a look at Kevin Goldsmith's Pixel Bender Synth too.

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