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Context: I'm looking to give my developers something to get out of the current crop of "typical Java UI" which is fugly and scary when it's not at least using the OS's UI or an enhancing framework.

Goal: I want to be able to have a great UI out of the box, and ideally customizable, but primary focus being that it's good enough to enhance the User experience both on a cosmetic aspect AND have all the functionality (widgets, etc...) to build a complex visual application.

Limitations and Ideal solution: I love Flex's UI, but I can't build on Flash technology. One of the most short-term feature I would like to borrow from Flex is their animated drag and drop and animated automatic reordering of components (cell phone examples, hide one, the 2 others move side-by-side, or when you drag elements in a window it moves the others around in a fluid and logical fashion, versus ZK that looks nice but statically moves boxes or information around ( and (

I guess there could be extra programming done by my developers to add the animation feature, but if something out there does this and much more in a simplified way, it would be awesome.

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I was under the impression that Swing, using one of the layout managers and its drag and drop components, would allow you to reorder them that way. Having said that, Java 6u10 added a new Swing cross-platform Look and Feel named Nimbus. – Powerlord Nov 10 '10 at 16:00
Have you looked at JavaFX? Supposed to be kinda Flex like. – brettw Mar 12 '12 at 13:41
Or you can use JMF – shuangwhywhy Dec 26 '12 at 10:24

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Swing is not fugly at all if one knows how to make good use of it. If your developers have some well designed custom UI components at hand, things will get much easier. I like Swing because of its omnipotence and the richness of its expressive abilities. I like doing my own paintings in order to reach those "unimaginable" effects and also to meet the performance requirements. I would like to share you with some of the user interfaces created by me:

Tetris home screen

Tetris game screen

Screen saver setting dialog

enter image description here

And it's also possible to make the UI look better by taking advantages of look-and-feels -- you don't even need any third part software:

Music player

Vector image painter

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Have you considered building your application over Eclipse Rich Client Platform. It has native look and feel of the operating system. Its already pretty cool, and there is plenty of tutorials to get started with at Eclipse Corner. The look will get even cooler with Eclipse 4.

For webinterface RCP can be exported but I doubt if it will ever be flexible enough. Instead you could try Google Web Toolkit. I suspect a lot of google's own interface is built over that.

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Have you considered Apache Pivot?

I've looked into a few Java UI toolkits before and this one in particular got my attention. Looks nice, has a decent set of widgets and effects and is fairly customizable.

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