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I need to write a select query for a network diagram. There are two tables;

select * from node;
 num | node
   1 | a
   2 | b
   3 | c
   4 | d

select * from edge;
 e1 | e2 
 a  | b
 c  | d
 a  | c

I need a select statement which would give me the edge values in the form of numbers like this;


I am using postgresql 8.4 but is should not have any relevance to my question.

Thank you.

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A couple of JOINs should do the trick:

    n1.num AS num1,
    n2.num AS num2
FROM node n1
JOIN edge e ON n1.node = e.e1
JOIN node n2 ON n2.node = e.e2

If you want the output as a string exactly as in your question then use this instead:

SELECT n1.num || '-' || n2.num AS nums
FROM ...
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+1 Minor quibble || is not always the concatenate operator. –  Conrad Frix Nov 10 '10 at 16:48

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