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I found that Kinect has a great potential to become not just a gaming exprience enhancer (subjective) but also becoming the new "mouse" or "touch screen", and change the way we look at user interfaces

I was wondering then if it is possible, technically, and legally to create drivers for the Kinect sensor for the PC. I would imagine many applications (desktop and web) that will be used with it, such as minority report like interfaces, social 3D chats, and even remote "robotic" controls

So my questions are

  1. Is it Technically possible?
  2. Was it already done or in process?
  3. Is it legal to develop such a driver?
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github.com/OpenKinect/openkinect –  Eran Medan Nov 12 '10 at 15:06
The Kinect SDK is out now... no need to worry about legal issues ;) Happy coding. –  Rob Hay Aug 12 '11 at 8:28

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Link to Microsoft's SDK


Just in from ZD.NET "Microsoft readies hobbyist Kinect development kit; promises commercial version later" link

Prior Post

The makers/OEM of the Kinect is PrimeSense. They make both the kinect and an independent devkit. They recently released open source drivers that are compatible with both XBox's Kinect and the smaller DevKit. You might as well get the drivers straight from the source. I'm not sure what value a 3rd party library (openKinect) will offer.

Get the unified Kinect and DevKit drivers here: http://www.openni.org/ Windows and Unix support is available.

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Thanks for updating your answer! this is how I learned of the news actually... –  Eran Medan Aug 15 '11 at 17:04
@Eran - SO should have a news section, I would find it helpful too. Not sure how that would be implemented. It would probably contain some great information. –  makerofthings7 Aug 15 '11 at 20:26


See answer and link by makerofthings7, MS released their own SDK

Prior post:

Seems that the answer is (updated today)

  1. Here are the drivers to download! (Windows, OSX and Linux): https://github.com/OpenKinect/openkinect

  2. Regarding the legality, it seems that Microsoft gave up the legal battle (for now)

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The status of this answer has changed a lot since I wrote this answer. I have retained this for historical interest:

This has been in the news lately.

The legal side is rather complicated I think. It depends on what country you're in too. Many countries have some provision allowing reverse engineering for "interoperability" which this may or may not fall under. There are potentially patent issues that might be problematic. It may be a contract issue too (did you get a shrink-wrapped license with it? Is that license enforceable in your jurisdiction?). Jailbreaking iPhones has recently been clarified, so the suggestion is that much of this applies here also.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. Yes, nothing is "impossible" to reverse engineer from a technical perspective although somethings are much harder than others.
  2. This seems to be underway, although not complete yet from most of the recent news.
  3. This is not in anyway legal advice: short answer I think it is probably legal, but you might end up spending rather a lot of money proving that point if you make yourself noticed by doing so. Of course there's still the risk that you might fail to prove it is legal if/when it came down to it as well.
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Technically, yes it is quite possible to make such drivers.

Kinect Hacks seems to be the central place for all demonstrations Kinect. They have posted several rough videos of Kinect gesture controlled Windows 7.

Open Kinect seems to be where most of the development is happening. Their mailing list is a good way to keep tabs on Kinect development.

Finally, if a touchscreen is what you want, NUI Group[Natural User Interface Group] is where it will happen. They have been creating practical touchscreens for years, mostly using various infrared technology. The Kinect is the next bright star on their horizon.

No one has come forward with a "touchscreen" yet[as of mid December]. But I am sure it is just a matter of time.

I happed to find this video today{end of December}. Somebody implemented a touchscreen using the kinect and a TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlHzqeIhDiQ

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http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2010/11/kinect-hacked/ It's technically legal but it's not supported.

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