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I am running Rails 3.0.1 with prawn-0.11.1.pre

I just did some basic tests to see if I can get Prawn to create a simple table that includes some formatted text:

data = ["Cell 1", formatted_text([{:text => "Cell 2"}])], 
       ["Cell 3","Cell 4"]

The PDF renders like this

Cell 2
[Cell 1][      ]
[Cell 3][Cell 4]

(a nice table but with the text "Cell 2" outside the table)

My goal is to get the formatted text "Cell 2" inside Cell #2...

How should I do this?

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formatted_text doesn't return formatted text, it renders it. So, when you call formatted_text while building your data for table, "Cell 2" is rendered before the table and the cell at row 1 and column 2 is empty. I think you want to put at Prawn::Table::Cell::Text object where you have your formatted_text call. If Prawn::Table::Cell::Text doesn't support everything you need then you'll probably have to make your subclass of Prawn::Table::Cell and do it all by hand.

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Thanks for your reply... this is very frustrating... I am trying to understand how Prawn works and I hardly understand the documentation... –  ischnura Nov 10 '10 at 19:57
Could you please give me an extra help: When trying to create a simple Prawn::Table::Cell::Text object with the following code: Prawn::Table::Cell::Text.make(self, :content => "Cell 2") but I still got some errors (this time the error is "Content type not recognized: {:content=>"test"}". What would be the correct way of creating the object? Thanks again! –  ischnura Nov 10 '10 at 20:05
The second argument to make should be a "point", the :content and other options come after that. The docs for Prawn are a bit sparse. These examples might be of use, there are some uses of Prawn::Table::Cell::Text demonstrated: github.com/sandal/prawn/tree/stable/examples –  mu is too short Nov 10 '10 at 23:00
They are sparse indeed... I'll see what can I do with that ;) Thanks! –  ischnura Nov 11 '10 at 7:52
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At least in prawn 0.12, I can do:

table_data = 
  [[Prawn::Table::Cell::Text.new( pdf, [0,0], :content => "<b>Bold!</b>",
                                              :inline_format => true),
    Prawn::Table::Cell::Text.new( pdf, [0,0], :content => txt )

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