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as I know that we need the /release switch for linker to create the checksum value, can anyone tell me what is this for?

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Last I heard, checksums were validated on drivers only when loaded by Windows - presumably as a first defence against viruses.

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Not so much for viruses, more for disk corruption –  Anders Nov 10 '10 at 20:01

PE header checksums are also used in WFP (Windows File Protection) to prevent 3rd party installers to override Windows DLL and executables in system32.

Whenever you try to replace a file catalogued by MS as a windows file, windows notices and silently pulls the original back from the dll cache (system32\dllcache) and overrides your change.

The catalogue of protected files, along with their respective checksum, is enclosed in the dll sfcfiles.exe, itself having its own checksum. At start up, Windows will check all the files listed in this catalogue and replace the "corrupt" ones.

Ever wondered why Windows boot was taking its time ?

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