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when working with asynchronous XHR-requests in Javascript, I often wonder, if there are conditions, for when the onReadyStateChange-callback can be called by the browser. If there were none, some problems would be caused, as shown by the following example:

var state = -1;
doAsyncXhrReqeust("", function() {
   state = 1;
function doStateDependendAction() {
   if(state === 1)
      alert("file is available");

   // if the callback above was called at this point, nothing would happen

   else if(state === -1)
      alert("file isn't available");

function doAsyncXhrRequest(url, callback) {
   // simple AJAX-helper-function

As you can see, the doStateDependendAction does just nothing, if the state changes between the two if-statements which check the state.
I know that in this case, I'm able to work around this by assigning the state to a local variable before checking the value.

So the question is, whether I always need to take care about this. My question also applies to other events, such as user-interaction and web-workers.


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