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I have the following data:

ID --- ParentID --- DataValue  
1  ---    1     ---    A  
2  ---    1     ---    B  
3  ---    1     ---    C  
4  ---    4     ---    B  
5  ---    4     ---    C  
6  ---    6     ---    A  
7  ---    6     ---    B  
8  ---    6     ---    C  
9  ---    6     ---    D

For each group of records (grouped by ParentID), I would like to find all groups that do not have a record containing "A" as a DataValue

Since groups 1 and 6 do contain at least one record that has "A" as a DataValue, I would not want to see them. I would only like to see records 4 and 5 (which are a part of group 4) since there are no records in this group that have an "A".

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    SELECT 1 
      FROM MyTable i
     WHERE i.ParentId = MyTable.ParentId AND i.DataValue = 'A'

An index over (ParentId, DataValue) is recommendable if the table is large.

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This should do

  parentID NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT parentID FROM yourtable WHERE DataValue = 'A')
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I think this would be the fastest. –  littlegreen Nov 11 '10 at 23:12

Single pass solution:

select ParentID
from YourTable
group by ParentID
having sum(case DataValue when 'A' then 1 else 0 end) = 0
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He wants the entire record returned (for Id 4 and 5). –  Mike M. Nov 10 '10 at 21:41
@Mike M: he said he wanted the groups. –  Mark Bannister Nov 11 '10 at 11:08
Doh, I'm sorry Mark. It looks like he requests both at different points in his post. I tried to vote back up but it's been over 15 hours and I'm unable to. I will vote up another answer of yours. –  Mike M. Nov 11 '10 at 13:35
Cheers, Mike. :) –  Mark Bannister Nov 11 '10 at 13:42

Does this work? You don't say if all the data is in one table or not.

select parentid from yourtable
where groupid IN ( select DISTINCT groupid from yourtable where datavalue = 'A' )
group by parentid
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He wants all data returned, not only the parentid. And groupid doesn't exist. –  littlegreen Nov 11 '10 at 23:14

I like Tomalak's answer, but I'm somehow skeptical that it will execute NOT EXISTS for each row in the table instead of for each distinct ParentId, so that when the groups are large, it will be slower than necessary.

In that case, Gaby's answer would be better, combined with an index on DataValue and an index on ParentId.

Just for fun, how about:

SELECT R.Id, R.ParentId, R.DataValue FROM (
    EXCEPT SELECT DISTINCT ParentId FROM YourTable WHERE DataValue = 'A'
) L
LEFT JOIN YourTable R ON R.ParentId = L.ParentId

(Also with one index on DataValue and one index on ParentId)

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