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I have a homework question which consists of a scenario with a given E-R diagram that needs to be corrected by applying the given instructions in the scenario. Can someone help me determine if I've fixed it correctly?

A center called ITARD do employing for Researchers(R), Research Assistants (RAs) and Administrators (A). The information that should kept for each employee are [ FName , MName , LName , Bdate , Gender , Address , Phone , Mobile , date of joined , date of left]

The information that should kept for each Project are [ Title, its description , start date , planned end date , actual end date , total planned budget , the PI ( principle investigator) ,The RAs and whom each is assigned]

These are the requirement that should be represented in the E-R diagram

  1. At the same Time, Each researcher may work on one or more active research projects.

  2. A researcher not working on any active research projects may engage in any number of unsponsored research project with or without collaboration from the other researchers and in each case , they are not aided by any RA.

  3. Researchers can collaborate on research projects, but there must be one PI (principle Investigator) designed each project.

  4. Each Research Assistant (RA) is assigned to work on one or more projects.

  5. Each (RA) is supervised be exactly one researcher for each research project the RA works on.

  6. Since (RAs) are hired on research projects, no RA can be left without assigned tasks in one or more research projects.

  7. Each project must be administered by one Administrator. Additionally, each administrator is supervised by one supervisor (another administrator)

I have solved this question, but need to be sure of my solution. Have I made any mistakes? (The image links to a larger version.)

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@Brad: All questions that are too vague and neither show effort or what has been tried (thus asking about specific confusion) are frowned upon, but we don't need the homework tag to tell us that. –  Roger Pate Nov 10 '10 at 20:48
i have posted my answer as an image link along with original ERD and i did my best to answer it because it is my first course in database, i have abstracted the scenario as i understand it . The question is not vague , it is clear and just i need to be sure of my answer .finally , thanks to modifying the title of the thread it is clear now –  user491140 Nov 10 '10 at 21:06

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