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I am trying to write a DSL for a Ruby program. It currently works like this

  title "Text"
  author "John Doe"
  body "Text"

What visibility should I give the methods that are called inside of generator.format? Currently I am treating each of the formatting methods as protected but when I test them i have to wrap each call in an instance_eval to access them. What visibility should I declare my DSL methods?

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when I test them i have to wrap each call in an instance_eval to access them

You say that like there is an alternative solution.

If you want to invoke your methods without an explicit object, you must change this using instance_eval.

Now for the visibility of those methods, I suggest using the lowest visibility possible which should be private.

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I just I didn't state it clearly enough in the question, but I was asking if there was an alternative way besides using instance_eval or instance_exec but you answer answered it. So thanks! –  agentbanks217 Nov 10 '10 at 21:24

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