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I have a page that receives a JSON response. If there is more than one option in the JSON it will dynamically generate some radio buttons using a for loop in Javascript based on the greater length.

Something like

    for (var i = 0; i < length; i ++){
        //draw the HTML radio buttons based on the data i++
        //value from radio button button gets passed to a continue button 

What would be the best way to do that in jQuery?

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Something like

for ( var i in json ) {
   var input = $('<input>', { 
     type: 'radio', name: 'group-name', 
     value: json[i], 
     'class': 'my_radio'
   } );
   $('body').append( input );

$('#continue').click( function() {
    var selected = null;
    $('input.my_radio').each( function() {
         if ( $(this).attr( 'selected' ) )
             selected = $(this).val();
    // do something with selected....

You'll have to surround it with a form element if you need that. I haven't tested this, by the way.

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