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Hello im new to excel and i have some problems to get values from other sheets.

I have some values in excel(sheet2) for example:

    A  B  C  D
    -  -  -  -  
1 | 2  5  9  12
2 | 5  8  4  5
3 | 3  1  2  6

I'm working with this values in sheet2 and i want to get the result in sheet1. When im using my code in sheet2 i get the correct answer but when im try to use it in different sheet i getting the result of the values correspond to current sheet cells and not to sheet2.

  • I want to get the sum of each column in row 4. and i manage to do that but i can use it only in sheet2.

Im using "With Application.WorksheetFunction" and i want to change that to get the values from sheet2.

Can you please help me with that and how to set sheet2 as the activate sheet.

I hope my question is clear.

Thank you

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 ThisWorkbook.Sheets("name of sheet 2").Range("A1")

to access a range in sheet 2 independently of where your code is or which sheet is currently active. To make sheet 2 the active sheet, try

 ThisWorkbook.Sheets("name of sheet 2").Activate

If you just need the sum of a row in a different sheet, there is no need for using VBA at all. Enter a formula like this in sheet 1:

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That will be (for you very specific example)




So get a F1 click and read about Worksheets collection, which contains Worksheet objects, which in turn has a Cells collection, holding Cell objects...

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