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I need to learn some Java EE asap so I figure the best way to do it is to do a small project, but I need some sort of tutorial or (short) book that cover the most important topics and guide me through building the project. Im not an experienced developer so it needs to be basic stuff (and easy to read/understand) to start with, just to cover the most commonly used topics. I know the Java language/syntax so it doesn't have to cover that.

A guide for setting up the environment in OSX would be good as well, so I dont waste much time configuring in the beginning.

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Huh, this is really tough one.
First you have to know what technologies you want to use. Java EE is wide subject. Try for example to use this technologies:

EJB+JSF+RichFaces (for example)

and then just try to find tutorials that will guide you. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet regarding these tehnologies and lots of books to.

And there are some refcards as well to help you with:


JBoss RichFaces

JavaServer Faces 2.0

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