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I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and when I do a "Find in Files" the results are returned to the "Find Results 1" window which is docked below my code editor window.

Before, I would double click on one of the results in the Find Results window and the file I clicked on would open in the code editor panel.

The problem is now when I click on one of the results, it opens in the same panel as the Find Results window which happens to be much smaller than the code editor window which is annoying.

Does anyone know how to make it so that when I double click on the search results they open up in the code editor window again?


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We can't fix your problem. Send feedback to – Hans Passant Nov 10 '10 at 22:39
I tried to add visual-studio-2013 tag but it wouldn't let me, but this still happens in 2013!! even with reset window – Simon_Weaver Mar 10 '14 at 23:34
possible duplicate of VS2010 docks code windows in the wrong place – Rachel Apr 22 '14 at 18:03

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Click Window-> Reset window layout

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this works ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ – thisOneGuy Aug 12 at 9:00
The same command (Window -> Reset Window Layout) exists in Visual Studio 2013 and continues to solve the problem ;). – Gavin Hope Sep 10 at 14:32

This is also being discussed here: VS2010 docks code windows in the wrong place

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VS2013 Update 4

I thought I had this problem but it was easily fixed by docking the Find Results window using the very bottom of the window position selectors.

The files open in the same position as the Find Results when the window is docked in the positions immediately next to the centre position.

VS2013 window position selector

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this helped. Resetting the window layout didn't help im my case – slfan Aug 31 at 8:38

I had exactly the same problem (occurred after I was playing around with docking) and

Window->Reset Window Layout

fixed my issue.

Thanks guys.


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I had this problem also. I experienced the problem in VS2013. I did not want to do "Window -> Reset Window Layout" because it seemed like that was going to do other stuff that I did not want it to do.

Here was my solution:

  1. I noticed the problem in VS2013 in which I had project "A" open.

  2. I opened another copy of VS2013 and opened project "B".

  3. I closed the copy of VS2013 that was exhibiting the annoying behavior: project A.

  4. I closed the copy of VS2013 that had project B open.

  5. This saved the settings from the "good" copy.

  6. Opened project A in VS2013 and all was well.

Obviously, the caveat is that this requires you notice the problem before you close VS2013. But if you do notice it in time, this is a pretty easy solution.

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Go the same... irritating... I realized that this unwanted behavior happened only while the app was running in debug. After I stopped debugging, a new panel was created with this file open in it. If I opened new files, they would open in this new panel. If I close all files in this new panel, opening new files from the "Find In Files" open in the standard code editor window (as long as the app is not running).

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