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Suppose I have a navigation controller where the next action is to take a picture or select an image from the library.

If I initialize UIImagePickerController during didSelectRowAtIndexPath:, (I believe) the response will be a little slower as the controller needs to initialized. Also, if the user cancels and opens again, it would reinstantiate that controller every time.

However, if I create the controller during viewDidLoad: of the navigation controller, it takes up memory while the user is on that view. Side questions: Does this, however, slow down the loading time of the navigation?

Or should it be done in an NSOperation when the view is loaded?

Overall, what would be the best place to load the ImagePicker?

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I'd lazy load the controller when it first gets called (in didSelectRowAtIndexPath) so it wouldn't have to be reloaded every time, and not worry about initialization time.

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It seems that in your case you will always need an image picker on didSelectRowAtIndexPath. You can load it on the view and customize (camera, cameraroll, etc.) and present on the row selection. Probably it doesn't matter that much. UIImagePickerController presentation is very slow anyway, especially with the camera.

I don't recommend an NSOperation for this task.

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