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I have 4 images on a page. I want to trigger a JS event once all 4 images are loaded. I of course can't be sure which order the images will be loaded in, so I can't trigger the event on the last image. One thought was to have a counter, but I can't think of the best way to check when that counter is equal to 4 as I don't like the idea of a setTimeout() checking every 200ms.

Any other ideas?

I'm using jQuery on the site, so I'm thinking that might be some help.

This is the image HTML code:

<img src="/images/hp_image-1.jpg" width="553" height="180" id="featureImg1" />
<img src="/images/hp_image-2.jpg" width="553" height="180" id="featureImg2" />
<img src="/images/hp_image-3.jpg" width="553" height="180" id="featureImg3" />
<img src="/images/hp_image-4.jpg" width="553" height="180" id="featureImg4" />
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As regards Salty's example, it's best to use a closure to avoid global variables, like such:

$("img").load(function() {    
    var count = 0, numImages = $("img").size();

    return function () {
        if (++count === numImages) { 
            //All images have loaded    


As per jeroen's comment, I replaced the hardcoded value of 4 (count === 4) with the jQuery size function as to allow for more flexibility within the function.

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Unless these are the only four images on your page, however, you'll want to assign them a class or otherwise have some way to select just those four from your document. (e.g. $("img.dynloaded").load(…)) – Ben Blank Jan 6 '09 at 0:08
Yes exactly, because the $("img") selector is selecting every <img> tag on the page – Andreas Grech Jan 6 '09 at 0:10
Thanks, just what I needed, in combination with: var noImages = $("img").size(); instead of 4 to make it more flexible... – jeroen Apr 30 '09 at 23:29
jeroen, thanks for the comment; I updated the function now ;-) – Andreas Grech May 1 '09 at 0:52
$("img").load(function() {
    if(count==4) { //All images have loaded
        //Do something!
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