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I would like to create Java applications, but my first “brake” is that it is impossible to run Netbeans at a decent speed under Ubuntu 9.10 with a Radeon X1300 Pro graphics card, P4 3.2GHz.

If I use other software, like Monodevelop or any other non-Java app, I don’t have this run-slow problem.

This could perhaps be my Radeon card with my high resolution (1600x1050), so would I be better off if I bought another video card? Or is it a problem with Linux, the Java Virtual Machine or something else?

Are there any settings I should try changing in the netbeans.conf file? Would setting opengl=true or any other settings improve my Netbeans experience?

If you can run Netbeans without problems, what PC configuration do you have?

I know this is not strictly a programming question, but it is about developer tools and configuration.

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Are you using sun's java or the open source java? What exactly is slow about it? Have you tried eclipse? –  Falmarri Nov 11 '10 at 0:00
I think SO is probably appropriate although Superuser might be a good place to ask about Linux performance in general. –  Joseph Weissman Nov 11 '10 at 0:02
The JDK matters - OpenJDK does appear to be slower than the Sun JDK –  Yann Ramin Nov 11 '10 at 0:37
@Falmarri: in particular is slow the "refresh" of video. I click on menu and..wait.. after 1-2 seconds it opens. Other thing is slow: the autocomplete feature.. i've to wait a lot of seconds, also the gui builder .. I think it's something related to my operating system installation... :( –  stighy Nov 11 '10 at 10:19

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  • Your CPU speed is fine.

  • Your video card is powerful enough. Video driver issues are possible, but not terribly likely.

  • NetBeans is RAM-hungry, there's just no way around it:

    • Make sure you have enough free physical RAM on your machine when running NetBeans. Ask Google for information about how to inspect and watch memory usage for your OS.

    • Maybe try closing one or two other RAM-hungry apps, if you have them running.

    • Try using the Sun JDK/JRE, it is more heavily optimized than other offerings.

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i think you should check your java virtual machine, i have used netbeans on various machines for java development and got no problems up to now.

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I've run Netbeans on Ubuntu 9.10 and a Radeon card with no problems. One thing you may want to do is increase the memory size that the JVM allocates to Netbeans. this Netbeans wiki article should help you figure out how to configure it.

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I have personally noticed Netbeans slowness on Fedora 14 under a couple conditions:

  1. Using OpenJDK seems to be slower than Sun Java
  2. Using the radeon open source video driver

I've been meaning to install fglrx on my laptop to confirm this hypothesis about #2. See this thread for more.

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I confirm hypothesis #1, on Fedora 21 –  OSdave 2 days ago

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