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I have a Seam 2.2 app running under JBoss5.1. In this application I have successfully developed some Graphics using Java Open Flash Chart, which is a Java API for Open Flash Chart.

Now I would like to add a X and Y legend like this one.

Well I have a graphic which is rendering properly and than I try to set X Label using:

... chart.setXLegend(new Text("Legenda X"));

But than instead of showing the legend it corrupts something which causes the graphic to renders completely blank.

This is the generated JSon when the graphics renders correctly.

{"y_axis":{"min":388,"max":866,"steps":20},"title":{"text":"Gráfico de gasto mensal com Combustível"},"bg_colour":"#FFFFFF","is_decimal_separator_comma":0,"elements":[{"values":[{"tip":"R$:610.0\n05/2010","top":610},{"tip":"R$:488.0\n06/2010","top":488},{"tip":"R$:634.57\n07/2010","top":634.57},{"tip":"R$:766.0\n08/2010","top":766},{"tip":"R$:396.0\n09/2010","top":396},{"tip":"R$:610.0\n10/2010","top":610}],"type":"bar"}],"num_decimals":2,"is_fixed_num_decimals_forced":0,"x_axis":{"labels":{"labels":["05/2010","06/2010","07/2010","08/2010","09/2010","10/2010"]}},"is_thousand_separator_disabled":0}

I took a deeply look at it and turns out that whenever I try to add the x legend with the code fragment showed above the JSon is actually NOT generated by JOFC.

I could not find much useful documentation on JOFC on the web and the API itself is not very well documented, so I am completely lost on trying to add this simple x label, which should be the easiest part :( . Any Ideas on that.

An update:

Now I just have downloaded JOFC source code and will take a look at this.

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It looks like there's an open issue on the JOFC page:

It suggests a workaround of calling the function like:

chart.setXLegend(new Text("Legenda X", Text.TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER))
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It worked perfectly. Tx. Can't believe I missed that xD. – Marcos Maia Nov 20 '10 at 3:15

I would try with Open Flash Grapix, it is easier to use, and just sets parameters on FlashVars.

Open Flash Grapix

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