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i have create a category CMS,and add three terms to it (drupal,joomla,wordpress). when i create an article which belongs to drupal.now i want to show the rest drupal's articles(belongs to the term of drupal ) at the bottom of the article .is there a module to get this or how to write the code to get that.thank you.

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I think the Similar by terms module will do what you want.

Coding this is not a bad way to learn some drupal coding skills. If you want to do your own, post here and I can give you pointers.


You will need to implement hook_block() to create and define your block.

I suggest that you start with outputing some dummy text to prove to yourself that you have got it working.

You can then use menu_get_object() to load the object, and make sure that you only return something on node pages.

As part of your node object. Use var_dump on what is returned from menu_get_object to see what is there, there will be a taxonomy, which you can interrigate to get the appropriate term.

Then you can use taxonomy_select_nodes() to get the nodes.

Let us know you if you run into any issues.

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i want to do it by myself,you're my hero. expect you can give me some tips. –  runeveryday Nov 11 '10 at 9:35

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