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I want to automatically generate the JavaDoc using buildr. I tried using the approach suggested in the official Guide PDF from the Homepage. However, it did not work.

define "SharedState_ebBP", :layout=>eclipse_layout do 
project.version = VERSION_NUMBER
project.group = GROUP 

doc :windowtitle => "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here", :private => true end

The error message is as follows: RuntimeError: Don't know how to generate documentation from windowtitleAbandon ......

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The correct syntax for setting the window title is

doc.using(:windowtitle => "Abandon All Hope", :private => true)

and with end on a line by itself. However that in and of itself does not cause the doc task to get run automatically.

To automatically build the JavaDoc when you run buildr simply add to the end of your buildfile:

task :default => [:build, :doc]

This redefines the default task to first build and then doc.

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