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The below function takes in a array of char pointers Eg : arr[0]: ls arr[1]: -l arr[2]: -a arr[3]: /etc arr[4]:NULL /* Since execvp expects a NULL at the end */

// function call is runCmd(arr); the function definition is below :

void runCmd(char *arr[]){

        pid_t child_pid,tpid;
        int child_status;

        child_pid = fork();

        if(child_pid == 0){

                /* The child process executes the exec*/


                /*if it returns it must have failed */
                printf("Unknown Command \n");
                else {
                /*  let the parent wait for the child */
                         tpid = wait(&child_status);
                }while(tpid != child_pid);

After executing I get the message -

ls: cannot access /etc
: No such file or directory
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I added main() { char * rgs[] = {"ls", "-l", "-a", "/etc", NULL}; runCmd(rgs); } AND ran it on Linux. Worked fine. Post more code. –  MK. Nov 11 '10 at 6:03

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Looks like you are reading in the command and forgetting to strip the trailing newline, causing your ls to try and list the directory "/etc\n".

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Wow. What an eye! –  MK. Nov 11 '10 at 6:07

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