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i want to give anchor tag to an image while checking the condition in slide show where my slide show is displayed using script

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var res; 
    var hdnvalue = a = document.getElementById('HiddenField4').value;
    var imgArr = hdnvalue.split(';'); 

    var sp = [];

    for (var count = 0; count < imgArr.length; count++) {    
         sp.push([imgArr[count], "", "", ""]);    

    var mygallery2 = new fadeSlideShow({    
      wrapperid: "fadeshow2",    
      dimensions: [568, 313],    
      imagearray: sp,    

      displaymode: {    
        type: 'auto',    
        pause: 2500,    
        cycles: 0,    
        wraparound: false    

    persist: false,    
    fadeduration: 500,    
    descreveal: "always",    
    togglerid: "fadeshow2toggler"



in this script i want to check the condition

   'hdnLink' value->http://dev1.maxnet-tech.com/royalindustries/ProductList.aspx?s=4&sss1=17&sss2=3;;;

    var cnLink = document.getElementById('hdnLink').value;        
    var cnSplit = cnLink.split(';');        
    var b = a.split(';');

if (cnSplit[0] != "") {    
       then add <a>tag th that image which is redirected to plroduclist page    
else {    
       add img     

how can i add tag to image acc to condition in an array like above script

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Can you tell the value of document.getElementById('HiddenField4').value?

As per my assumption of the value, this can be solution

for (var count = 0; count < imgArr.length; count++) {
if(imgArr[count] != ''){

  var str = "<a href='URL to redirect'><img src='imgArr[count]'> border='0' /></a>";          

} else{

  var str = "<a href='URL to > redirect'><img src='imgArr[count]' > border='0' /></a>";       

sp.push([str , "", "", ""]);

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i got the answer change sp.push([imgArr[count], "", "", ""]); to sp.push([imgArr[count], "http://www.gmail.com", "", ""]);

because the second parameter in this will be the link bye

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