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Hi I am facing problem in handling special charecters inside text area.

<textarea name="comments" value="$!comments" rows="4" cols="35">

In a page where the text are takes input had given as


when I navigate to same page for edit the Text area should show the added text but it is showing some appended tag information as

<>,./?}{[]"?." rows="4" cols="35" >o!@#$%^&*()_+=//\""':;<>,./?}{[]"?.

There is no reason for adding these special charecters except found in testing and so should be fixed. Please help

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The browser sees this:


and closes your textarea tag at value, then inserts the rest of the string.

If you want angle brackets < > you have to define HTML entities for them with &lt; and &gt;. Otherwise, the browser will thing "end of tag" and output the error you see above.

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