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What are some of your favorite rails plugins that you would consider "must haves"?

This entry lists some of my favorites that I use in a large majority of my rails applications: My favorite rails plugins

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I use all of these in 99% of all of my Rails projects. Each link provides detailed information regarding what they do and why they are awesome.

Hope that helped!

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Definitely a big fan of Acts as State Machine –  thetacom Jan 6 '09 at 2:32

If your app has any kind of user model, Rick Olsen's restful-authentication is a must.

I'm also partial to exception_notification for keeping tabs on errors in production apps.

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HAML (and its sibling SASS) are really number one for me. You can learn them in only a few minutes and the time they save adds up very quickly.

Also, take a look at Authlogic as an alternative to RESTful Authentication.

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most common i've used across projects lately (by no means all just most common)

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acts_as_taggable shoulda (gem, but better unit testing)

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I am pretty sure you can get shoulda as a regular plugin as well, I have done that in the past. –  Derek P. Jan 6 '09 at 2:44
@Derek, I'm not sure the plugin version is still being maintained. See giantrobots.thoughtbot.com/2008/9/30/shoulda-2-0. –  Zach Langley Jan 6 '09 at 5:32

Normal App Development

  • RESTFul authentication
  • shoulda
  • I prefer Hoptoad over Exception Notifier, but both have their merits
  • Mocha stubbing library
  • Factory Girl

Facebook Development

  • facebooker
  • facebooker_authentication
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Some already listed in other answers that don't need repeating plus:

  • acts_as_categoy
  • paperclip
  • open_id_authentication
  • ZenTest gem
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ar_mailer for email delivery.

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