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I'm returning some preformtatted data from the server as a string. this is passed to the ajax results. For some reason the html is just displayed as a string rather than links etc.

this is what I want

<a href='#'>test</a>

this is what i get

&lt;a href='#'&gt;test&lt;/a&gt;

This is my code

    function displayData(startRow, pageNumber) {
        // there's a call to jQuery AJAX here 
            type: "POST",
            contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
            url: "default.aspx/GetPageLinks",
            data: "{startRow: '" + startRow + "', pageNumber: '" + pageNumber + "'}",
            dataType: "json",
            success: function(msg) {
        return false;

    function displayRoutes(results) {
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Are you 100% sure you didn't already pass the response to the POST through an encoding stage at the server side?

Update: i.e. is the server returning a string with real angle brackets in, or is it returning a string full of &lt;/&gt; encoded angle brackets?

If it's the latter, then the problem is at the server, not at the browser, because you want to be sending real HTML, not HTML encoded as text.

I'd use something like Fiddler (or Wireshark, or Firebug) to check what the actual server response is.

Also put an alert() call in displayRoutes to see what 'results' is actually set to.

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Are you 100% sure you didn't already pass the response to the POST through an encoding stage at the server side? I'm not entirely sure what you mean. sorry. I'm using asp.net HtmlTextWriter to create the html links etc? Looking at the alert output it display the aforementioned encoded version of href. –  hoakey Nov 11 '10 at 9:50
@hoakey: Can you post the specific part of GetPageLinks that is returning the string representation of the link to the end of your question for us please? –  Codesleuth Nov 11 '10 at 10:03
@hoakey - I have tried to expand on that a bit. I can't really tell from your comment what you're seeing with alert - to my mind, all the various possibilities were 'aforementioned'! –  Will Dean Nov 11 '10 at 10:25
Here's an example of how the html is built server side - HtmlTableCell cell2 = new HtmlTableCell(); cell2.InnerText += "<a href='TradeRouteDetails.aspx?'>" –  hoakey Nov 11 '10 at 10:26
You should use InnerHtml, not InnerText –  Will Dean Nov 11 '10 at 10:33

Building on Will Dean's answer, try this:

function decodeHtml(encodedHtml) {
    return encodedHtml.replace(/&amp;/g,'&')

function displayRoutes(results) {

This is from the jQuery plugin equivalent here: jQuery plugin - HTML decode and encode

At least this should get your code working while you figure out what's making it do it.

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