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I have a website running on cakephp. I want to implement pagination there.

I have a result set in an array. and I have included the paginator helper.

Can someone tell me how to apply pagination to my result.

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There is some good documentation in the cookbook on this but I think Mauro's answer is what you need. This is a common question and I'm sure if you give us some code you might have an "ah-ha" moment. –  Tim Joyce Sep 22 '11 at 15:30

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The CakePHP Cookbook has a very detailed section about pagination. Also covers how to write pagination for custom data. The Cookbook itself is highly recommended while developing in Cake.


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If you already have a result set in an array and you want to paginate, then you already made a find() call and you can’t paginate that (at least not using the cake’s paginator). You need to call the pagination method in replacement to the find.

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